Basic Skillet Pasta

adapted from multiple recipes

1 T olive oil
3-4 cloves garlic minced
1 onion diced
12-16 oz protein (diced chicken, sliced smoked sausage, etc..)
3-4 c. chicken broth
2 cans diced tomatoes
1 c. milk
16 oz pasta
salt and pepper
shredded cheese (optional)

Heat oil in skillet.  Add onion and meat and cook until meat is lightly browned (3-4 min) and add garlic in the last minute.  Stir in broth, tomatoes, pasta and milk.  Bring to a boil.  Cover and reduce heat to a simmer and cook until pasta is cooked through.  Turn off heat and top with cheese.  Cover until melted.

Could easily add different vegetables, spices and protein to make different dishes.